Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mardi Gras Mambo

So Monistere Maddness has been in full effect as we haven't had much time to sit down an do a blog post lately.....but hope to make up for lost time in next couple of posts!!!  I owe Ace a post of just his Winter Invitational Swim Meet at Crawfish Aquatics a few weeks back. 

Today it's Mambo report....a family event! This was race #2 of 2016 for the whole Clan. BG registered for the kids mile, Ace asked to run his first 10K, MM running 10K and myself making last minute move to 15K. Coach Will had me scheduled for 1:10 tempo so I thought "what the heck let's make it a tempo race?!"

We hit the expo up Friday evening, grabbing our packets, visiting with Michelle from Fleet Feet and picking up a MGM Trucker's Hat because can never have too many of those in our house!
Oh I finally got my new Garmin 630 officially ordered. Hope it makes it in time for RocknRoll Marathon weekend!!!

Having a long day on Friday due to falling off the wagon Thursday night for a work event, I finally got hungry after the expo and we hit up Red Robin for a diet burger.....hahaha. Back on the get ready for marathon wagon has been reinstated! 

After an early to bed night Friday, we all got up and dressed for a morning of racing! I might have been hungover enough on Friday that I put my wallet in the washer so I had to dig out my DL and other essentials out of dryer before heading out the door. We made it to our favorite parking lot around 7:10 and to our surprise, they have taken to technology too and we didn't have to wait for the machine to pay for our spot!
This is the lot on convention and 4th downtown if y'all happen to park there for events. Saves time. 

It was a brisk windy morning in Town Square. Had to keep moving to stay somewhat warm. Due to construction, there was a little delay on getting the kids run started. BG is always on the fence until race start on whether she is going to participate, but she did after conning MM to run with her. I set Ace up with my sister who is always there to help us out with the kids. She was supposed to run as well but has been under the weather so she brought Ila(her rescue) and watched our stuff. 
BG ran the full 1 mile with the exception of a couple wardrobe malfunctions.....her skinny bottom can hold her tights up when she gets to "flying" down the road

I have Ace a little pep talk and told him to pace himself as this was his first time at this distance. I wanted to push my pace to see what I could do so I paired up with a doctor friend who I knew was faster than me to see how long I could hold onto his "coattail" and we lined up pretty close to the front of the pack. 
MM and Ace lined up together and we're going to help pace each other. My thought process was if I had a really good 8 miles, I should probably find them back on the course for the last mile.
A member of "Group 3" spotted MM and Ace and got a snap shot of him starting to make his! 
My thought process was almost spot on as I held a respectable pace and caught back up with them on the way up North BLVD bridge. Ace picked up his pace and stayed with me down the bridge but I told him to save himself so he would not hurt after crossing the finish line. 
All in all it was a great day for running....I was pleased with my time and felt like I finished strong. I crossed the finding line and was able to turn around and put Ace's medal around his neck for his longest run to date! Im hoping to take the day and build on it through the year! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

LA Marathon Wrap-Up

One of our favorite race weekends of the year "ran" through Baton Rouge this weekend as The Louisiana Marathon kicked off the season for so many athletes young and old!  

This year's events were ones of a different goal for me.... I dedicated the weekend of running not to setting PRs in the different events for me but to running with others and getting them to their finish lines knowing they gave their all and set their own personal bests. 

My weekend started on Friday morning, picking up race packets for the Clan and of course picking up a few more trucker hats as I heard we don't have the largest collection in the Baton Rouge area!!!! 

After making my way through the small lines and checked out, it was time dedicate some free time to promoting another race weekend coming to the area March 4-6 and should be "Amazing!!!" If you have not registered already go to and do so. It is going to be a great family event offering a kids marathon, 5K on Saturday and 10K, Half Marathon on Sunday. 

Saturday rolled in and it was race day for Ace and BG. Ace was running the 5K and wanted to better his time for this distance. I used to have to do a slow jog/walk method with him to get him to the finish line but nowadays he makes.a good aerobic level run for me so my "shakeout" run was a little more than that but love being able to run with him!  He used to run with MM, but she can't keep up with him for more than a mile!!! Haha!!! Ace was not expecting the North Blvd bridge and it took a little out of him so not his best time but he did great none the less...28:27. MM ran the 5K as a warm up for her half and is getting closer to the sub 30 time. She hit 30:52. Ace needs to make her do some training runs with him!!

My sister ran the Quarter Marathon while we did the 5K. Her furthest race to date. Making progress daily. Proud of the strides she has made. 
Next race was the Kids marathon. BG decided to run with her best friend Stella and her mom. Ace wasn't finished with his day and warmed up with his Crawfish Tri team and asked if he could run unofficially with his friends. "Sure make it 4.1 miles on the day bud!!!"  

Thanks to @foresterlady for running with the girls. Great day of running for the clan!
Sunday up next!!! This year I signed up for the Half Marathon and committed to running with an amazing group Ainsley's Angels. I joined this organization last year and ran MGM 15K as my first event and loved it. I was grouped with a dad and son duo for the 13.1 and after a few conversations with Dan, I committed to pace him to his first sub 2hour half marathon. It was a great morning of running, guiding Little Sam and his dad to the finish line and hitting it at 1:59:50. We cut it close but we got there! 

After I quick chat with my parents and Dan, I headed back out on the course to catch MM and her crew and go find my buddy Buckshot and legally guide him for a few miles. Found him around mile 24 and ran along the course with him hoping he could get a BQ time. He gave it his all and set a PR. Hopefully he hits it in Nola next month. MM ran with her friends and ran alongside a first time half marathon finisher. Not a PR for her but she had a great time as she always does!  

Next up RocknRoll New Orleans Full marathon!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Force Awakens

Sorry for late, work, work, and some LA half marathon training redirected my focus!!!! 

MM and I took a family day away from work and reality last Monday and took the Ace and BG to a Galaxy Far Far Away......before they had to return to school business!!!! 

 Actually we took trips to this place periodically throughout last weekend coming back to our world for the Wilderness Run and some cycling as my last post described, because we watched SW Episodes 1-6 out in the country of Franny with my 'rents and sister to get ready for our "big trip" last Monday. This was the first time in a long time we made a full weekend in the country that was not based on long hot days training and it was great!!! 

Okay our day trip to that Galaxy!!!!! We all woke up super excited for our day out in space and the opportunity for us to test out #MovieTavern all the same! MM and I are excited to know we are getting one right down road from us! We had a great time, the movie a must see if a STAR WARS fan, if not then don't I won't go through any details that might "ruin" it for those that haven't been able to go yet! What made our "trip" amazing is that for 24 hours we left our normal routine of early morning wake ups, dragging kids out of bed to drop them off at before care, training, work, getting Ace to swim, finding time to cook "healthy" dinner, cleaning, washing never ending laundry and dishes and had a #TeamMonistere day!!!! 

I do have to admit that because of technology, there were moments of talking to my training buds Princess and Butter, and I'm pretty positive our Vaughnistere feed was checked and messaged at some point, but other than that we ignored our responsibilities! 

Yes I got red on my TP schedule and in hind sight I wish I would have knocked out that workout because my return to real life work was a long week of call so I missed another day, but I'm glad I suggested this quick flight to that Galaxy Far Far Away if only briefly!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wilderness 10 Miler

First "race" of the year occurred this past Saturday Jan. 2. Race in "" because was more of a training run than an race, but had a start line, a timer, finish line and had a post race gathering!!! I ran this exact course plus a little extra last weekend to get done hill work in. Did not have the best of days, as my last post showed. 
The whole Monistere Clan headed up to St. Francisville New Years morning to visit with Pops, Bo-Bo and Ma-Man. And of course to eat the whole health and wealth meal, which we should all be very healthy and wealthy by amount of food we consumed. 
I had a bike ride on my training schedule and headed out on two different attempts. The first attempt I should have stuck with, I thought I'd wait until after lunch to let it warm up a little. Well, I got all suited up, tires aired, water bottles and computer mounted on the bike. I left the house on the hill right before 2pm in hopes of getting my 2 hour ride done. Temps were in low 40's but the wind had died down from the morning. I made it a bout 2 miles down the road when I felt some "cool" drops hit me in the face. I ride another minute or so and the drops had increased. Riding solo, I had no one to try to "out tough" so I opted to turn around and head back to the warmth of my parents home! Yes I know, the training won't do itself, but the drizzle got a little heavier and being cold and wet and riding solo I decided was not in my best interests. Besides, in comparison to last week's TP, I have gotten back on track! Now to get my diet back on track....
"Race" morning!!
MM and I woke up, did our pre run rituals; for me that includes coffee and a couple trips to the louvre, MM makes a Spark and a PBJ uncrustable.  We headed out, temps in mid 40s so I was expecting a better run than last week's muggy 11 miler! 
8:30 start and 200 of us headed out up the first small incline at the start line. My IM training partner "Buttercup" and her sister were doing this as well as MM's Watson friends and Vaughnmom and Rixie. I saw the speedy MWPC owner there with his stroller and I figured to not see him again until I finished; and I was right! Lenny was there to take his lab out for a stroll and he left me at about mile 1.2. I didn't try to "hang" as I wanted to negative split the 10 miles. 
I stuck to my plan and ran the first 5 in :42 and the lady 5 in :39. Took in the scenery, highlighted as I caught up to Tim and we "jumped" a huge buck that ran right behind us making the last mile a little quicker!  At the finish line waiting was our favorite RKF founder and 12 time IM finisher Susan with a high five!
 MM ran with her friends and did her thing....for someone who doesn't get to train much at all, she just shows up and gets it done. There has not been a distance run or bike that has intimidated her. She gets it done and enjoys her friends in the meantime! 
I met with The Bicycle Shop couple on Sunday afternoon and Butter and I got out 4x8 interval ride done! Now a week full of running awaits me! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Time To Clean Up

have been half-assing things since Ironman Louisville. It's time to get back on track before Coach Will FIRES Me!!!! The only thing I've stayed consistent at is eating terrible and drinking water tainted with alcohol!!! 
Now that the Christmas celebrating is behind us, it's time for MM and I to turn our focus into our family sport.....Swimming, Biking, and Running! And up first for her and I is Running. After  letting Christmas week consume me whether it was work or family gatherings or just being a lush, I took up an offer from my buddy Buck_Shot to head up to the hills of St. Francisville for a somewhat long run! 

Long run was what it was. 80 degree temps in December and the humidity stuck to you like glue.....but it should not have been as hard as I made it being I've slacked on my workouts as of late!!! But hard it was and most of all it was a wake up call to me!!!! If I plan to hit the goals I have penciled in my calendar for 2016; the time to clean up started yesterday.!!! This run showed me, shape up or get left behind! 
Man that was not what I was expecting!!! And the soreness I felt today proved even more to get back on the 4D wagon and time to push ahead full steam!!!

MM had an afternoon run with her friends as well and her comment was "It was Gawd Awful!"  She packed running clothes this morning before she headed out the door! LOL! 
ACE had his return to Crawfish Tri Team practice tonight and it seems as though they were having fun but getting a great workout in the process! 
Finished up my trainer/run workout tonight and feeling revived and ready to stay on track. Next up Wilderness 10 Miler!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


As we sit here the day after Christmas, MM and I are cleaning up the chaos of boxes and wrapping paper, looking at leftover food and discussing just how blessed we are and how lucky the little ones are as they have the best grandparents in the world!  

We had Monistere Christmas starting Christmas Eve and into lunch time Christmas Day.  And of course we forgot to take pics with my parents and sister to post on here. We actually did not get any pics Christmas Eve when we exchanged presents and the kids got their first onslaught of presents, we were late getting home from visiting with Aunts, Uncles, cousins and seeing my grandparents....wont be too many more of these gatherings with them.  We did get home and jump into our Christmas Jammies before opening presents and got my mom to at least snap a pic of us being cooperative on the couch!  They got everything they asked for and more from my parents.  My kids have learned the skill of hitting us all up for different things to make sure they get everything!!!!! LOL.  We all hit the bed hoping for a somewhat normal wake up time from ACE and BG but 4:15 was the time they chose to wake up!  

Santa did well, ate his cookies, took home Biscuit and Pancake and left the presents the kids asked for.....ACE-Drone with a camera
          BG-bed for her American Girl babies
We decided this year to not make a lot of presents come from Santa because not all kids are fortunate to get Santa presents they ask for so we explained that Santa does not like to leave anyone out so should not ask for a lot from him so he can give to other kids as well.

MM got the kiddos a bunch of different smaller things and clothes they needed, it was my year to get them a special present and I went with things I knew would be a hit!!!........

Grace Thomas

After stuffing our faces, we rested and opened packages, and visited with my parents and sister.  MM and I are lucky that we both have a great relationship with our In-laws and in turn they all have a very active relationship with my babies and my babies love going between the grandparents during the holidays.  Off to Bergeron Christmas!!

Bergeron Christmas 2015

The theme was Christmas Jammies, but after spending the morning cooking in mine and being too cold in the 85degree cold front, I had to switch to shorts!!LOL!  We had a blast, at some point before the night was over we all ate again! I may have broke the ice with opening up a bottle of spirits and everyone stayed around and visited!  Kids had their third barage of gifts given to them and we realized they are entirely spoiled, but we just say they are deeply LOVED!!!! 

As we clean today, we know we are blessed beyond measure and count ourselves lucky!  Now for me to put away the junk eating and drinking and turn my focus into race season 2016!!!!  I look forward to the journey and sharing our travels with everyone!
MMs amazing cookies

Love our Christmas Cards

2015 ornaments

Finally called it a night!!!

Santa wants BG to get back on the bike, not my favorite Bike Shop kind of bike but if it gets her back on her race bike, MM and I got Santa to send her a letter of encouragement with this gift saying he loved watching her race and to not be scared because she had a little wreck!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ready for Christmas

While Ace and BG are away in the country, MM and I have been able to get more presents wrapped, cookies baked, and some alone adult time this week! We have missed the kiddos but they have been loving their time with BoBo, Pops and Ma-Man! This time of year is a favorite for all of us as we crank up the Christmas music in our cars and have fun with Biscuit and Pancake(elves). 
Ace and BG are growing up so fast! I wish we could freeze time and keep them at this age! Ace asked Santa for a drone and BG asked for....
Uhm, looks like one might not be too happy! Yes that says a baby sister!!! Lol!!!  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the family gatherings and festivities will begin! To every friend and family we wish you .....
MM and I spent the evening getting the holiday cookies baked!